Petit Warsは、戦車や戦闘機などの部隊を生産、指揮して敵軍と戦うターンベースの戦略シミュレーションゲームです。


Petit Wars is a military turn based strategy simulation game where you command the tactical units such as infantry and tanks to fight enemy forces.

- Classical turn based strategy simulation game.
- A Hex map with difference of elevation.
- 11 types of ground units, 8 types of air units, 6 types of naval units.
- The battlefield where the four sides of the Blue Army, the Red Army, the Yellow Army and the Green Army compete.
- All maps you can play for free.
- A player could play against an AI opponent.
- Voxel style 3D graphics.
- Auto save game.
- Both support for portrait and landscape screen